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How the Patented Sand-Free Weave Works

Gear's Unique Patented Technology - Two staggered layers of the complex multi-weave allows sand to filter freely through it, but prevents it coming back up.   A quick sweep of the hand or simply the effect of occupants moving around, and larger amounts of unwelcome sand will filter through the layers, the bottom layer preventing the sand  from resurfacing.

Water Resistant - The mat fibres don't absorb water, so sand and dirt don't stick, are quick dry and resist staining.

Air-Permeable -The weave allows air to pass through it so lumps of wet sand kicked on the mat will dry quickly and filter through with a sweep of the hand. Because air passes through the weave the mat remains in place when windy. 

Won't Kill the Grass - As well as being breathable it lets light pass through, so it won't kill the grass even if the larger mats are left in place for extended periods. 

Materials Selected for Durability - The construction and materials used in CGear's range are strong, resistant to UV damage, non-fade, mould free and easy to clean. Designed to keep them working for a lifetime. 

Proven Technology - Originally developed for helicopters operating in desert conditions. CGEAR’s patented dual-layer weave ensured protection from sand and dust clouds during take-off and landing. That same proven technology has been cleverly adapted for everyday use. The straightforward functional design works to ensure sand and dirt end up exactly where they belong - on the ground. Providing you with a dirt and sand-free experience!


Which Mat is Right for You

Original Weave


The Original dual layer polyethylene multi-weave is extremely efficient at filtering sand, dirt and dust. It is the the lightest material by equivalent area of the 3 different versions of Sand-Free tech, so making really large sizes possible, (up to 15sqm), that are still portable and manageable.  Ultra-durable and naturally non-absorbent so water or spills drain through, leaving it dry almost instantly. The resilient weave resists deformation, so the layers act as an effective barrier against damp ground  and can withstand camping furniture placed on it, even when laid on hardstanding. Non-fade, low maintenance/easy care. Reversible.

Trade Off

The resilient materials of the Original Weave have a slightly coarse texture, so on the beach you will want use a towel on the mat when lying directly on it.  The polyethylene weave is not compressible so although relatively light, a bit bulky for air travel. Only available in plain colours. 

Shop Original Weave 

Sandlite Weave


The Sandlite Weave swaps polyethylene for ultrafine polyester giving the mats a soft and supple texture that is comfortable to lie on without a towel. It is also both lightweight and compact, making this the ideal choice if you want a mat that you can take with you when you travel by air.  The fibres have been been treated to give durable water resistance making it quick dry, sand and dirt doesn't stick to it and water will bead and can be wiped away or pressed  through the mat. Attractive colours and patterns, packs into an integral wrap with handle. Non-fade, low maintenance/easy care. 

Trade Off

The ultrafine supple weave is a little slower at filtering sand, but a swipe of the hand will quickly help the sand disappear. The softer more supple material is a little less hard wearing than the other mats, but will give a lifetime of service when used for the activities it excels at!

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Comfort Weave


A flatter smoother top layer than the Original Weave making a towel optional when lying on the mat.  The smoother PVC weave us stiffer than the other CGear weaves which delivers great sand filtering performance.  Ultra-durable and naturally non-absorbent so water or spills drain through, leaving it dry almost instantly.  The resilient weave resists deformation so the layers act as an effective barrier against damp ground and can withstand camping furniture placed on it.  The top layer woven in an attractive blue plaid pattern.  Non-fade, low maintenance/easycare.

Trade Off

A little heavier and bulkier than the other weaves per equivalent area so better for travel by road rather than air.  Smooth but not soft.

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Feature Comparison Summary


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2003 - CGear’s Patented Sand-Free technology developed as a safe landing mat for military and civilian helicopters. CGear’s Patented Sand-Free technology shielding against sand, dust and grit, that would otherwise be blown up by the wash from rotors (brown-out), during take-off and landing.  Protecting aircraft and equipment from the damage it causes in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. These mats turned dry, rugged ground into a smooth and stable landing spot.

2010 - Realising the benefits the technology could bring to the recreational market, the Original Sand-Free Mat was launched. Adapting the dual-layer design for everyday use, the resilient and water-resistant rip-stop technology proves to be a hit with beachgoers, campers, water sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

2011 – To improve the comfort for beachgoers the Comfort Weave range was introduced, in sizes to suit singles, couples and families.

2014 – CGear introduce its first Sand-Free Tote.

2017 – The Sandlite mat was introduced. With its soft supple texture it was a hit, bringing even greater comfort for sunbathers and importantly its lightweight compact size made it a better choice when travelling by air.

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