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CGear Sand-Free Original RV Mat is based on the mat that started the sand free revolution. The same Original Weave construction but sized specifically to complement your RV or caravan awning space for the ultimate sand, dirt and dust free zone.

Patented Technology – Featuring the only patented sand free tech on the market, CGear’s weave of high-density double layered multi-weave allows sand, dirt and dust to fall through the fabric without coming back up.

Better For The Outdoors – Because wind and sunlight are able to pass through CGear’s open weave surface, the RV Mat is air-permeable and won’t kill the grass beneath it. A requirement at many campsites and simply a good idea.

Military-Grade Construction – In addition to the proprietary technology, the RV Mat boasts reinforced brass eyelets, ultra-durability, quick dry time, and resistance to stains, water, mould and UV damage.

Proximity Protection and Comfort - The space outside your caravan or RV, whether under an awning or open air is where your camping home begins. The RV mat with its double layer of non-absorbent polyethylene complex weave, is not waterproof, but acts like a barrier that doesn’t transfer moisture from the ground below.  It allows air and sunlight to pass through it, so it doesn’t harm the grass or, just as importantly trap moisture beneath it, allowing the ground to breathe and dry out. Spills or water falling on it drain through leaving the mat dry.  Sand, dirt or dust fall through the mat and can’t come back up, so are eliminated from your space preventing it being tracked into your RV or camper. It is suitable for use anywhere, even on hardstanding, and strong enough to withstand camping furniture. The durable construction is hard to get dirty and easy to clean. Even though the air permeable mat will stay put when it is windy, it has reinforced corner D-rings for staking down in extreme conditions. Sized to suit the space beside your camper or caravan the RV mats are all 2.44m (8ft) wide, in lengths from 3.35m (11ft)  to 6.1m(20ft).

The Clue is in the Name - CGear Sand-Free mats excel on the beach and the RV mat is no exception. With the same feature set as the Original Mat plus a mesh carry bag, these large mats make the ultimate beach base for larger groups or families to lay out their towels and gear and relax for a comfortable sand-free day on the beach.  For water sports enthusiasts who want a sand-free zone for their gear, for changing or simply relaxing after a strenuous session in the surf.  A truly multipurpose mat!



Original Sand-Free R.V. Mat

PriceFrom £89.99
    • Caravan/RV
    • Beach
    • Camping
    • Watersports
    • Gazebo/Pop up carpet
    • Familly Events/Parties

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