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  • What are CGear Sand-Free Mats made from?
    Different materials are used in the different verisons to alter the characteristics of the mat for specific activities. Original Weave - Dual layer of polyethylene - for maximum versatility. Sandlite - Dual layer of polyester - soft, supple & compact for comfort and portbaility. Comfort Weave - Base layer polyethylene, top layer PVC - smoother top for greater comfort on the beach without sacrificing durability.
  • Do the mats need to be tied or weighted down?
    No - All Sand-Free weave allows air to pass through it, so Sand-Free mats will stay put even when windy. Exception: Original weave mats have reinforced brass D-rings or eyelets as they are suitable for use on hard surfaces such as concrete, where it is important to tie them to weights or suitable fixing points to prevent them slipping when walked,
  • Are any of the mats waterproof?
    No: A waterproof layer would not allow sand to pass through it. However the mat fibres are non-absorbent, so sand and dirt won't stick. Rain or splashes will drain through leaving the mat dry.
  • If the ground is damp how do the mats keep me dry?
    The weave of the mats is non-absorbent so the mat won't become damp when the ground beneath it is wet. The twin layers of structured weave act as a dry barrier between you and the ground.
  • Will the mats kill the grass?
    All of CGear's sand free mats allow air and sunlight to pass through them, so won't kill the grass even if left in place for extended periods.
  • Are Gear mats durable?
    Yes: CGear developed its patented sand-free technology for military use as a tactical helimat. The recreational mats reflect this military heritage and have been designed with materials to last a lifetime of use.
  • Does anyone else make sand-free mats?
    Only CGear mats are made with their proven patented sand-free technology. Unfortunately there are some websites and sellers on marketplace sites like Amazon and eBay using our sand-free language and even CGear's images, (illegally) when selling what are essentially cheap groundsheets that do not have CGear's patented sand-free properties. Consequently, it can be confusing when searching for the genuine mat online, so check before you buy. We are the official UK importer of CGear Sand-Free Life, so if in doubt please feel contact us and we can advise if the an item is the genuine article.
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