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Sand-Free Drone Mat -  It is hardly surprising that CGear introduced a sand free drone mat in view of the company's roots in developing  its patented technology for tactical helimats for the military. With regulations limiting when and where you can fly your drone, don’t let the environment limit you too!

The Ultimate Drone Mat – Featuring the only patented sand-free tech on the market, CGear’s Drone Mat utilizes the Original Weave to deliver the ultimate take-off and landing pad for drone enthusiasts.

Protects Lenses and Gears – During take-off and landing the wash from rotor blades drives sand and dust down where it passes through the mat's staggered layers and can’t come back up, so it can’t scratch lenses or embed in gears.

Portable Helipad -The Drone mat provides a smooth high visibility surface and without a dust cloud blocking your sight of the drone or the camera view, you can make safe controlled take-offs and landings. In the past you may have avoided dusty or sandy locations, with CGear’s drone mat you  don't need limit your options.

In Keeping with its Military Origins - CGear's mats are built to last a lifetime. The Drone Mat features reinforced brass eyelets, so although the air-permeable weave naturally resists being disturbed by wind you can stake it out to ensure a flat, stable landing zone. The ultra-durable mat won't absorb moisture so it is naturally quick drying, it is also mould and UV resistant, so it won’t fade.

Multipurpose?  - the mat is constructed in the same way as the original and RV mats so the “H” could also stand for sit, lie or change "Here" instead of Heli! The smaller mat makes a great sit mat for hikers or a changing mat to throw down after watersports, letting you change without getting your gear dirty or sandy in that beach car park. The larger size is perfect as a beach mat or picnic rug for couples or a small family. The Sand-Free Drone Mat rolls up to be stashed in the supplied carry sack and includes 4 pegs for staking it down.


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CGear Sand-Free Drone/Personal Mat

PriceFrom £29.99
    • DroneTake-off/Landing Pad
    • Beach
    • Hike 
    • Picnic

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