The Original Sand-Free Mat – CGear’s first recreational mat using its Patented Sand-Free Technology. Two staggered layers of precisely engineered polyethylene multi-weave with bound edges and double reinforced corner D-rings, make this reversible mat CGear’s toughest, most versatile and available in the widest range of sizes. The texture of this mat is coarser than the Sandlite or Comfort weave mats which means sand is dispersed a little more quickly. For larger deposits or lumps of wet sand simply sweep your hand over it and it will break up, fall through the mat and stay underneath.


On the Beach it Does it All - enjoy sand-free sandwiches, change without getting sand where you don’t want it and lay towels on it for comfortable sand-free sunbathing. Wet gear will dry out as water and spills drain straight through. It is air-permeable so it will stay put even when it is breezy and in really extreme condition you can us the D-rings to stake it down or rig it as a wind-break.