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Beach Dinner 1280 460.jpg
Beach Dinner 1280 460.jpg

Whether you are heading off to the beach for sun, sea and surf, the hills for an outdoor adventure or simply to the park for a relaxing picnic CGear Sand-Free has the ultimate beach mat or picnic blanket for the occasion. CGear’s unique patented dual-layer sand free technology keeps sand dirt and dust at bay, ensuring you can enjoy your time outdoors free from the discomfort and mess that sand, grit and dust can cause.


The range of CGear sand free mats available means there is a mat that should suit  your outdoor activity perfectly. Campers can lay out comfortable dirt and dust free zones outside their tent, caravan or R.V. beachgoers enjoy day long freedom from the irritating downsides of sand whether sunbathing, changing or simply wanting to enjoy sand free sandwiches.


CGear’s patented sand free technology was originally develop for the military, to shield helicopters from the critical damage caused by sand and grit blown up during take of and landing, so of course there are CGear sand free drone landing mats too.

Only CGear Sand-Free Life’s range of mats deliver a truly sand free experience using patented sand free technology.

Enjoy perfect beach days with a CGear Sand-Free Mat

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